Welcome To The Browns

I can’t say I wasn’t warned that one day my share price would stop rising and would then fall,  displayed on the site as a brown, negative number in parentheses after the share price.   I’ve noticed for a couple of days now that my growth was beginning to level off, so it wasn’t exactly a surprise.    But it definitely is not fun.

I’m not sure if I ever did fully figure out what made me so anger about the departed’s sudden re-appearance yesterday.   Part of it I came to realize was anger at myself for having been so very drawn in by someone whom I’m beginning to see is largely a very big ego leading what a friend has described as a “social media orgy”.   (“It looks more like a circle jerk to me,”  I replied.   She laughed.)   I still have to look at things like Amplify and paper.li  and decide what other social media/content-creating things I want to do.    Nice as the ego-stroke is from having a rising share price and dozens of stockholders,  I am realizing that the biggest value from participating in EA lies in occasionally meeting a really special new friend you would not otherwise have ever encountered.      Hopefully then,  my EA-addiction is well on the wane and I can continue having fun with it,  but stop taking it quite so seriously.


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