Watching For A Resurrection?

Full Disclosure:  This post has NOTHING WHATSOEVER to do with Christianity,  share prices, lunar cycles, the sun, the heavens, etc.

I had planned today to blog about my reluctance to Amplify my remarks;  my hesitancy to create my own  newspaper and other various means of giving myself 10 blogs on EA without actually going to the trouble of setting up and maintaining oodles of blogs.   But after playing around with Amplify a bit,  I’m not at all sure what is going on there or what the value and consequences are,   so I put that post on hold to continue a bit along the lines of yesterday’s post,  wherein I wrote about death, even though No One Has Died!

My thoughts today turn instead  to the idea of  “resurrection”, not because it is getting on towards Easter (although it is) but because the man who disappeared from the group so abruptly on Friday evening appeared, albeit briefly and insubstantially on Sunday.    Weekends are traditionally a slow time online,  although activity often picks up starting Sunday afternoon or evening.   It was Not a slow weekend for my share price– which as of this writing has soared to 51.34e.   I keep hearing from folks how jarring it is the first time your share price declines.   I know of course they are right and feel quite lucky to still be on an upward trajectory after about 10 days on the site.   Empire Avenue continues to hold my strong interest.  And with hashtags like #EAvKinK and #UterusHighFive,   #SocialEmpire  group on FaceBook continues to be, most definitely,  not your run of the mill FaceBook group.   It was a little slow on Saturday,  but the handful of us who were there had a grand old time,  talking about any and everything.   And of course,  the number of participants did pick up Sunday afternoon and evening.  

I couldn’t help noticing during that somewhat more active time,  a member of the group added the departed back in.   Once in,  that user posted a thread  Watch This Space,  and then said nothing else at all.    Who knows,  at this point it still _could_  (conceivably at least) be some kind of publicity stunt in connection with the planned introduction of a FaceBook app to compliment the game and the group.   Although it seems unlikely.   The departed’s name came up very rarely,  and the powers that be tried to say very little– a combination of vague and re-assuring that is tough for even the most talented PR-type to pull off well.   Then comes Monday morning and a couple of those business types march in all decked out in sysop garb and try to say Reassuring Things.   This alarms me.    As I recall the Bible,  resurrections take three days.    I’m willing to wait until Wednesday to see how this one turns out.   But in the meantime friends,  Please.   Hold the sysop stuff.


4 comments on “Watching For A Resurrection?

  1. "SysOp stuff"? I thought it was more like "The Great and Terrible OZ." You know, "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain." Only he's got a 50-foot head and green flames are emanating from his ears, and it's impossible NOT to watch… I like your CAPTCHA code, this morning – it's making me hungry, even if it IS spelled wrong: smorsHolly JahangiriIt's All a Matter of Perspective

  2. When Anise and Jake stumbled in Monday morning, I found myself transported back to a time when someone whose name was listed as Sysop Seaux N. Seaux tended to Really intimidate me on Compuserve. It felt a bit like, 'ok, the weekend is over. you kiddies have had your fun, but now it's time to be Serious again' When Jake started talking like a sysop rather than like a friend, I had a bad feeling….and it turns out I was right.

  3. Oh! Well, having BEEN a SysOp for many, many, many (okay, I feel OLD now) years, I know they're human, full of geekiness and flaws, and cannot be allowed (for their own sanity's sake, not to mention our patience) to take themselves TOO DAMNED SERIOUSLY. Go get 'em, Tiger! ;)Okay – so, your visual verification thingy is BLANK. Is that like, a trick question?? I'm SO confused, now.

  4. lol. Not sure how I've confused you. I did eventually become pretty good friends with one of the sysops. She was a really nice lady. Later she developed a drinking problem (she got very drunk at a dinner I gave and I was really glad she wasn't driving herself home. Later still she moved to Albuquerque (love typoing that name and getting it Right) and except for a condolence note when my late huzband, Joel, died I never really heard from her again, although I hear from a mutual friend she is doing well down there in New Mexico. The blank reference was the departed posting a msg "Watch This Space"– and then saying not a word as we racked up 300 comments in that thread.

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