life as a webmaster

continues to be…..interesting. Flash Light Worth Books is a web site that is not really a direct competitor to Libdrone. They provide a LOT of recommended book LISTS. Working at the library, I tend to think of lists as dime a dozen. (At the lib of course we have TONS of completely free lists of recommendations of books for all ages and subject matters, fiction and non-fiction. I’m not especially impressed by lists.)

Well to each his own. Or not as it happens. this FLW books site asks Every visitor to take the “34 second pledge” which as it turns out is “I will make all of my Amazon purchases on FLW’s affiliate link in order to support the site”. As a competing web site in the same books sphere who also is seeking affiliate sales from my own loyal readers, and will be asking folks who Really like the site and the reviews to buy just one in ten of the BOOK purchases from Amazon through me. I am writing great reviews and producing great content and I am asking my readers to give me one in ten of their Book purchases. And this asshole sees nothing wrong with asking them to PLEDGE that they will give him a commission on EVERYTHING they ever buy to COMPLETE EXCLUSION of every _other_ site on the web that also recommends products in their area, as well as all the many, many , many different product lines and departments Amazon carries.

For making lists like the library gives away for free this guy thinks he deserves a commmission on EVERYTHING you EVER buy from Amazon. Is it just me, or does this strike you as pure greed and sleaze. I belive that diversity is the strength of the book promotion web publishing hobby/business. I also believe that any ONE book web publisher who attempts to get his readers to pledge that they will give All their Amazon business only to him is a HUGE threat to this diversity. It only remains to be seen whether I can persuade my competitor to sit down and talk with me and hear my concerns and come to amiacable agreement we both can live with OR if he will irk me enough that I spend all of year’ three’s editorial and marketing budget to make him as Unpopular as I possibly can among the book people.

Honestly, I don’t want to trash this guy, and I really do hope I can persuade him that we ALL in the book promotion biz need the chance to feed equally at the altar of Amazon. If I can’t make him see that, I’ll just have to make the publishing and book promotion communities see it my way.

Alan (is waiting to see if the guy responds to my request for an email pow wow or if I will be e-mailing my friends in public relations for advise)


2 comments on “life as a webmaster

  1. Is there a group for book reviewers online? You should bring this to the attention of others in your topic/ genre. Also, don’t give him/ her any links. Directing people to the site will just make him/ her think the plan is working. Your word verification is scoff. Just letting you know since you have the thing turned on.

  2. Laura– I have not given him any links, though I refer to him by name and I am doing a #flwunfair hashtag campaign on twitter. I also just registered and will have a blog up there by tomorrow or next day at latest.As far as a book reviewers org, I am still trying like heck to organize or find one, with little success at either.

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