this seems to be

my week for publishing about review copies. Yesterday I panned Thirteen Reasons Why, a book I wanted to like but just didn’t. Tomorrow I will rave about In The Land Of Invisible Women, then on Friday I have to review Mark LaFlamme’s Dirt, which I REALLY didn’t like. Haven’t yet decided just how negative I am going to be, but it will definitely be a Not Recommended.

Part of me worries that if I continue to pan books I’ve been sent free copies of the publicists will take me off their lists (which would be okay, I suppose) but it seems to me the only thing I really have to sell are my honest opinions and I am not about to recommend a book I don’t actually like.

My vacation is passing all to quickly and I am painfully aware that come Friday morning it will be back to work for me. Thanksgiving was nice, though in the end we didn’t prepare all of the side dishes. Then Sunday night Bob came over and spent the night and that was fun too. Now there is just Christmas to be dealt with.


3 comments on “this seems to be

  1. I guess that’s the downside of getting books from other people. It’s rare for me to not like a book I read, but that’s because I choose them all to begin with. I guess I end up with some selection bias.

  2. yes, I think that’s true. Now that I’ve been doing book reviews for a year and a half I am starting to get e-mails from publicists and review copies. And I have really liked and posted raves about some of them. This week I just happen to have two I didn’t. I’m amazed frankly at how in depth and literate your reviews are. I don’t think I’ve ever written one longer than 5 paragraphs.

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