so this evening,

Ron’s friend Mike took Ron, Sam and I out to dinner. We went to a place called Jambalaya and it was Really good. I had the most delicious cup of corn chowder to start and it was So flavorful, there were even little crawfish tales cooked up in it. Then for the entree, fried catfish topped with crawfish etouffee over rice. The etouffee was only adequate, but the fish was Really, Really good and I ate every bite. I passed on ordering desert but Ron gave me several bites of his sumptious choclate ice cream pie. A wonderful meal.

So I am home and trying to get into book blogging mode but not having a whole lot of success at that. Oh well. And I am down to number three in Books so not stressing on it anyway. cest la vie.


2 comments on “so this evening,

  1. Huh. So does that mean there is real New Orleans type food in the Puget Sound region? I was starting to have my doubts. I visited Arnoud’s Remoulade last year in the French Quarter, and I haven’t found anything to come close to that Gumbo.

  2. For authenticness, I would give Jambalaya an 8 of 10. The etouffee was only adequate but the soup and fish were both superb. I will be sure to try the gumbo next time.

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