Thank God It’s Friday and I am off tomorrow and have survived the first half of my work week. The three hours of meetings that started the day seemed to go on forever. (I was So tired when Ron woke me up this morning, I was just barely moving when I left for work at quarter to eight.) Blessedly, the remaining four hours of the work day went pretty quickly and I managed to perk up and get the books moving. In other news, after almost a year my Adsense earnings have reached ten bucks and Gooooogle has sent me a PIN number that I need to go to the website and enter. Whoop dee dee. Maybe if I publish for another ten years I’ll actually reach the 100 dollar payout level. Feh.

Planning to take it easy tonight and hopefully do a book post tomorrow. I am Still tired.

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One comment on “TGIF

  1. Amen brutha on AdSense. Grr! I have had their ad up for at least 8 or 9 months and have earned $39. I refuse to put the ads in between my posts. That strikes me as tacky.But now that I’m almost 40% to the $100 payout it seems like I’m at the point of no return. I want the $100 but it’s going to take two more years at this rate.Grrrrr!I wonder what the rate of drop off is — meaning they got free advertising, essentially, from the people like me who left it up for almost a year and then took it off. So Google did not have to pay.I should have known something was up when I learned the payout didn’t come til $100. Most other places pay at $25.Double grrrr!

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